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We take care of your property

At Hedgerow Landscaping, we handle garden and lawn maintenance with pride. Our years of experience can help you get the best looking lawn in the neighbourhood!

We provide our clients with a variety of specialty service designed to help maintain a healthy, green and rich looking lawn. Our lawn experts also proved an excellent garden service. They can plant a variety of shrubs, flowers ans trees to make your garden and lawn stand out.

Our Garden & Lawn Services

  • Fertilization

  • Garden maintenance

  • Lawn cutting & edging

  • Over seeding

  • Top dressing with soil

  • Weed control

  • Flower planting

  • Lawn aeration

  • Moss control

  • Shrub planting

  • Tree planting

  • Wood chip mulch

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Spring Clean-Up

We all know how tough the winter season is and how it can be extremely hard on your grass, flowers, shrubs and trees. It seems there is always a mess left from the previous fall and winter seasons, with waste, fallen leaves and broken branches. Let Hedgerow Landscaping give your property the jump start it needs after the winter season. Our staff can make your property stand out by cleaning and preparing your lawn for the spring, so you can enjoy a great looking property throughout the sunny months.

Flower & Tree Planting

  • Flower planting

  • Hedge trimming

  • Shrub planting

  • Weeding

  • Garden clean-up

  • Leaf & waste clean-up

  • Tree maintenance & planting

  • Wood chip mulch

Ensure that your garden looks great all year round with our flowers and tree planting services. We have all the machinery and tools needed to get your commercial or residential property looking great.

Whether for privacy or decorative purposes, we know how to plant trees and shrubs to help them grow and remain healthy for years to come.

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